Project Management

Cromwell offers a total project management solution for a range of refurbishment, redevelopment, maintenance and other work.

Project management forms an integral part of our value adding process through active asset management in Germany. We manage projects from beginning to completion, which enables us to be proactive, identify potential problems in advance and manage the outcomes.

During refurbishment works, we also ensure that our tenants experience minimum disruption and inconvenience so they can remain focused on their core business.

We provide:

  • Complete tender process management;
  • Supplier selection, vetting and management;
  • Budget control;
  • Regulations check;
  • Cost calculations;
  • Planning control;
  • Quality control.

Within Germany we have completed a number of asset refurbishment programmes as part of our active asset management approach. These range from enhancing accommodation for existing tenants in occupation, refurbishing vacant space for releasing purposes or repositioning assets in preparation for disposal.